Avoiding Expensive Asphalt Repairs

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The appearance of your parking lot is just as important as your landscaping and building. It's a big factor in curb appeal. You don't want customers and tenants to be turned off by a worn-out and poorly maintained parking area.

Asphalt aging is unavoidable from weather, sunlight, and wear. In the heat of summer, the sun breaks down the binder that holds the aggregate together. During winter, the freeze-thaw process is especially damaging. Just the sheer weight of heavy traffic also breaks down the surface.

At the first sign of deterioration, maintenance is the key to preventing extensive repairs later. Even small cracks allow moisture to penetrate beneath the surface, causing instability. Additional weather and traffic will continue to compromise the surface, eventually causing potholes.

Stay on top of maintenance, and you'll avoid expensive problems in the future. Crack sealing and sealcoating are your first defense against potholes and pavement failure. In addition to protecting the surface, sealcoating gives your parking lot a fresh, updated, and well-cared for appearance. After sealcoating, new striping makes a statement that you are serious about investing in your assets and builds confidence in your customers and tenants that you run a quality business.

Timely asphalt maintenance will significantly extend the life of your parking surface and enhances the appearance of your property. Without regular maintenance, you are risking costly removal and replacement.