About Cutting Edge

Starting with a simple vision to offer outstanding service and partner with our clients, Cutting Edge has built a reputation as a premier contractor.

We believe in honesty, integrity, hard work, and long-term relationships. We strive to offer unparalleled service and to nurture customer and employee satisfaction.

Our team has the experience and resources to design, install, and maintain landscapes of virtually any size. We have had the privilege of working with loyal customers and employees for 25+ years.


Environmental sustainability and proactive stewardship are core values of our business. Our equipment fleet includes propane mowers for reduced emissions. In addition, we educate our customers and the community on water conservation. For more than 20 years, we have worked closely with manufacturers in the testing and development of sprinkler and water conservation products.


100% of our grass clippings, leaves, and tree and shrub branches are locally recycled into mulch, compost, animal bedding, and erosion control products. Sod that is removed is composted into topsoil, and gravel or concrete that is removed is used as ground-fill by a local sand and gravel company. In addition, we use only 100% recycled paper for all printed materials and copies.


We had the privilege of installing the landscape for Idaho’s first commercial solar farm. The project included 33 acres of landscaping: 1.5 miles of trees (425) and shrubs (1300), 1400 yards of recycled wood mulch, and 1200 yards of locally composted green waste. Read more


Following the merger of two companies in 2015 to form Cutting Edge Landscape, Bob Wheeler and Ben Helton have defied statistics by doubling their revenue within three years. Looking back now, they realize that their differences were key to the merger's success. Read about Cutting Edge Landscape as featured in Lawn & Landscape Magazine. Story by Brooke Bilyj, photography by Steve Smith

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In 2015, Bob Wheeler and Ben Helton stopped competing, started collaborating, and merged their two landscaping companies into one. With Bob and Ben’s areas of expertise complimenting each other, the merger has created a unified company that offers unparalleled service and continues to nurture customer and employee satisfaction. Read about Cutting Edge Landscape as featured in Lawn & Landscape Magazine. Story by Brooke N. Bates, photography by John Webster.

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