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A Record Setting Boise Winter, Cutting Edge Landscape Responds

February 15, 2017

This season, the Treasure Valley faced a relentless two months of unforgettable weather conditions. With the fluffy white stuff blanketing the ground, it then remained in tack, piling up, and at times transformed the sidewalks and roads into slick sheets of ice. Weather forecasts reported week over week, that more snow/rain/freezing temperatures were expected. They were right. According to the Idaho Statesman1, between December and January, Boise accumulated 35.5 inches of snow, easily surpassing the record last set in 1983.

A typical winter is about 7-10 days of work per season and phones ring on occasion when duty calls. Unlike a typical winter, crews have worked more than 63 days straight. The inquiries and work requests grew and so the vast network of partners in the construction trades were brought on. They helped assist in clearing lots and relocating the massive amounts of stockpiled snow. Cutting Edge Landscape Co-Founder and Principal Ben Helton says, It has been an all hands-on deck effort. Crews have worked around the clock, consisting of three shifts per day. We were lucky to have our partners back us up”.

Toward the end of December, the supply chains of de-icing material, both liquid and granular, begun to shut down and run dry. This caused a valley-wide shortage of material.

“In recent weeks, I spent 4-6 hours per day just trying to secure product to purchase that would allow our crews to keep rolling the next day. Where typically I would order 36 – 54 pallets of ice melt at one time, I was lucky to get 1 – 2 pallets from each supplier.” Ben explains.

Despite the challenges, the record breaking season is nearly over. The team at Cutting Edge is looking forward to warmer weather and spring floral blooms. To our customers, we thank you for your patience, business, and appreciation- we are proud to serve you!


1Idaho Statesman article, published February 28, 2017. Read the full article on

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